Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Exercise Set: Low Back - Obliques

Low Back - Obliques Set

Fire up your core with this set of exercises targeting the obliques and low back! Perform 15 reps of each, 3 sets. Exhale during the lift. Keep your abs pulled in, make sure they don't press into the floor. Resting arm is resting! Make sure it doesn't push the floor to help you lift. And...squeeze your butt! 

One: "Reach and pull" Arms and legs are extended. Lift arms and legs, pull elbows toward hips then return forward and lower everything. 

Two: "Alternating tap backs" Arm reaches (as if you're drawing a line across the wall!) and taps the hamstring. 

Three: "Side crunch" Squeeze the obliques as you lift your elbow toward the hip. For more challenge: both legs lift, or just the top leg. 

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