Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Timed Track Workout Series

Are you an athlete? Or do you consider yourself to be anything BUT an athlete? If you answered yes to that second question, it's time to shift your perception!

I never considered myself an athlete. In fact, my mom signed me up for high school tennis as a way to be "social" and "break out of my shell." While it served its purpose, it also broke my ego--when the tennis coach ordered a double X t-shirt for me. 

Regardless, I've overcome my negative mentality and social awkwardness (though if you're an introvert like me, you'll understand you still crave that alone time to reflect and energize). In recent weeks, I've asked myself "what can I do to mix up my routine? I work so hard in the gym and have hit a plateau." Physically and mentally. Have you ever felt that way?

My solution...the Timed Track Workout Series! I'm going to be heading to the track at least once a week for an outdoor workout...and, yep, it's going to be TIMED. Truthfully, this concept brings back memories of tennis practice where we did bleacher runs, alternating with laps around the track, performed dreaded suicides across the court lines...and, my least favorite, Indian runs (are they still called that?). But, if you're not feeling "nervous" every now and then, are you really doing anything to make progress and initiate change?

I'll be adding routines along the way, but for now, start with what's listed. If you cannot access a track, run around the block. If you don't have NuBells, use dumbbells (though the NuBells ARE PRETTY COOL). If you don't have dumbbells, use body weight.  Whether it takes you 33 minutes or 57, whether you walk or run...just START. Be sure to record your time and watch yourself progress as you incorporate this into your routine. 

1 lap
Reverse lunges - 20 total
Side plank - knee to elbow 10/side (complete all then switch sides)

1 lap
Squat with shoulder press - 20
Full plank with side knee drive - 10/side (complete all then switch sides)

1 lap
Front lunges - 20 total
Plank walkout with pushup - 5

1 lap
Lunge with knee and biceps curl - 10/side (complete all then switch sides)
Side plank with hip lift - 10/side (complete all then switch sides)

Beginners: Complete 1 round
Intermediate/Advanced: Complete 2 rounds

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