Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Exercise Set: Waist Defining Duo

This set focuses on the obliques. Obliques are the muscles along your side that fire when your body rotates. When you complete this set, think of your core as a wet towel that you are squeezing and wringing out. Tight tight!! Along with rest, healthy eating, and exercise, a nice pair of obliques helps to create a more defined waistline. Strong abdominal and back muscles are also crucial for good spinal health. Reps below are per side (right, left...1). For less challenge, do not use any weight. Plate can be replaced with med ball, dumbbell, anything! 

Set 1: 30 rotations (option to bring feet off ground for more challenge)
30 bicycle crunches (knee to opposite elbow as you rotate and exhale, extended long hovers low for most challenge)

Set 2: 20 rotations 
20 bicycle crunches 

Set 3: 10 rotations
10 bicycle crunches
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