Friday, December 5, 2014

Vitamin D for Immune Health & Strong Bones

Along with hoodies, Vitamin D can be considered must-have for individuals in cloudy climates, particularly during the cold winter months.  Our skin makes Vitamin D when exposed to natural sunlight.  Without Vitamin D, the body cannot produce calcium and phosphorus, both of which are needed to build and maintain strong bones.  Vitamin D also helps reduce inflammation in our cells.  Inflammation can lead to disease.

The Institution of Medicine recommends that most Americans supplement with 600-800 International Unites (IU) of Vitamin D per day. This is enough for bone health.  Excessive dosages of over 40,000 IU per day can be dangerous.  Vitamin D is crucial when it comes to activating your immune system as well.  It helps keep the "guards" of your immune system alert.

There are different forms of Vitamin D. Vitamin D3 is the kind made naturally by your body and is what's recommended for those taking Vitamin D supplements.  An easy and convenient way to reach the daily recommendation of Vitamin D is with the Mixed Berry Chews from Vitamin Shoppe.  The chews are free of wheat, gluten, dairy, fish, animal derivative, artificial colors and artificial flavors.  They also contain Vitamin K1 which plays an essential role in promoting bone density and strength.

Please consult your doctor if you have concerns regarding use of this product or any other supplements and practices.

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