Sunday, November 23, 2014

Propel Forward with Purpose, Power and Insight

Yesterday was November 22nd, the day I was planning to compete in my third NPC Bikini show. It didn't happen.

About six weeks ago, I was assessing my progress, considering where I was at the same time while preparing for my last show. My improvements were subtle. 

I also considered the purpose of competing and took into account my current goals. They didn't align. The purpose of competing (for me) is to push myself to achieve more than I have in the past. To intensify my workouts and emphasize a specific eating regime. Along with a persistent and consistent attitude, success results when all of these things align. My current goals? To focus on emphasizing others' progress. To develop myself as a personal trainer and fitness professional. While it's definitely possible to do BOTH of these, I will feel better equipped to do so in 2015.  The result of that decision? Peace of mind. Peace of mind can propel us forward with purpose, power and insight. 

So how do you find out if you're moving forward through force or with purpose?  Ask yourself these questions.

What are your instincts saying?  Sometimes we know the answer long before we're willing to admit.  If you are hesitating, if you are thinking twice about a specific scenario, chances are you may not be ready to pursue it.  That doesn't mean you never will be.  It might happen at a later time, in different circumstances, having gained strength through experience.

What is your purpose?  Are you focusing on self improvement? Are you working to improve the lives of others?  Decide why you are doing what you are.  Is the work, time, and commitment it takes to achieve those things worth it? I try to focus on goals that achieve both of these things.  Because if you are able to improve the lives of others, then by default you will have improved yourself as well.

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